Wooden Carrot Harvest Game

R 285.00
by YNS

The carrot planting game is a new kind of learning toy for toddlers. The wooden toys have 24 different colour, sizes of carrots, 8 memory card, 1 farmer, 1 wooden board which has 24 holes to grow radish. Size: 23 x 23 x 7 cm.
Wooden toys with high quality wood. All the pieces are well sanded and painted non-toxic water-based paint. The edges of the set for toddlers are smooth and won't hurt the baby's skin. Perfect for small hands to hold on.
Lovely farm landscape, with leisurely farmers, brown fields, carrots and leaves of various colours and sizes make them look and feel real. It will always attract your child's curiosity. Children can imitate farmers to grow radishes and find radishes of various colours and sizes. Very suitable for classification games and memory games. Let children fully enjoy the fun of the game, also suitable for playing with family or friends.
This montessori educational wooden toys can helps developing memory skills, hand-eye coordination, shape recognition and fine motor skills. Perfect for pre-schoolers, kindergarten, toddlers and older kids. It’s an easy and exciting toy that let the children try to plant radishes in the field and then harvest the radishes of the size and colour in the memory.
suitable for 2-6 people
Cute carrot planting game, colourful gift box design perfect gift for your kids.

What's in the box
- 24 of Wooden Carrots
- 8 Memory Cards
- 1 Farmer
- 1 Wooden Box