Toddler Imbucare Peg Box

R 445.00

This part of the toddler material. It represents a wooden tray with a nesting compartment and six pegs in the primary colours red, yellow and blue. Imbucare is a traditional Montessori material used to develop the concept of object permanence and promotes some of the most fundamental skills to the developing brains of young toddlers. 

The imbucare peg box is a more complex version with an increased level of difficulty than the more simple imbucare box with flip lid. After having mastered the various shapes, the child works on dexterity. Manipulating the pegs helps to develop grasp by the young child and stimulates eye-hand coordination in a focused manner. This exercise also allows the child to define the primary colours and practice colour sorting. Practicing with the imbucare material provides mental stimulation and explorative fun.