Soft Cloth Activity Book- It’s Potty Time

R 195.00

It’s Potty Time Cloth Book Quiet Book is a very cute and entertaining tool to help your child get accustomed to using the toilet by himself or herself.

This interactive book is made out of fabric and contains a stuffed doll. The child will learn about the different steps of using the toilet with the help of the stuffed toy.

It contains 6 pages with different activities to keep the little one busy. It shows a baby who used to wear diapers and how he learns to sit on the potty chair. The diaper is removable and can be refastened. The bathroom door can be opened and shut. The stuffed toy can be made to sit on the potty chair and then he can be wiped with the tissue paper like fabric provided. The last page teaches the child to wash their hands after using the toilet.

This It’s Potty Time Cloth Book Quiet Book is an educational tool which will help your child get familiarized with the concept of using the toilet from a very young age. This book is made of cloth and is completely machine washable.

What's in the box
1x Cloth Activity Book