Phonetic Reading Blocks

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by YNS

Strengthen and improve your child's self-confidence with reading. Children delight in twisting the blocks to discover new letters and lots of words. Provide self corrected learning that your child can feel, see and manipulate.

Gain experience with words that rhyme. Twist a block and turn ram into ham or hot into lot. All words are phonetic, cvc, in the dictionary and are perfect for the beginning reader.

Introduce and reinforce blending sounds into words. Take your child to the next level with this montessori material and help your child begin to read actual words instead of just sounds.

Sturdy and durable with a total of 80 words to read over and over. Printed with red consonants and blue vowels in non toxic prints to match other montessori language works. Perfectly sized for small hands, each reading rod measures 2.5 cm by 11 cm long.

High quality and safe material: the montessori toys are made of high quality solid wood, and surface painted with safe coating. Your children can play with these educational toys safely, and the handles are easy for little hands to grasp.

Eco friendly and handmade with imported sustainably harvested maple wood. Support a home based, woman owned business. A portion of every sale is donated to one tree planted.