Object Permanence Box With Drawer

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The Object Permanence box with drawer develops the child hand-eye coordination and indirectly allows the child to experience object permanence. This exercise practices precise hand movements while sending information to the brain as well as develops their refined hand movements.

This exercise helps with the child development of hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, visual perception, and independent thinking. This is a great introduction to object permanence and the concept of something disappearing can still exist. Very similar to the Coin box except using a ball and a much larger drawer the child can see the difference in objects and in the size. With repeated use of this material, the child learns how it feels to succeed when he has achieved a goal on his own.

This item can be used in any educational environment from a Montessori Kindergarten class to Home Schooling for early learning development. 

  • The use of this item can help with their hand eye coordination by grasping and dropping the ball in the whole, as well as grasping and pulling slightly for the drawer to open.
  • An exercise for the child thinking skills which will initiate the recognition of the objects persistence and stability.
  • Independency and Prediction. The child will see the outcome and recognize the practice.
  • Development of refined movements (hand wrist and finger control) and balance.