Interlocking Discs

R 89.00

A full circle and one with a slotted card that matches the diameter of the circle

Recommended age: 3-4 months

Material and safety: The ring is made from natural beech wood, making it safe and smooth for the child to put in their mouth. The outside of the ring is sized just right for babies' small hands at this stage of development

How to use: Place the learning aid in baby's activity area where the child can reach it.

The discs are just the right size for babies at this stage of development and will encourage baby to practice grasping
Babies discover different ways to use their hands, e.g. B. to switch between the left and the right hand or to perform the movements of two hands together.
As babies explore with their hands, they discover that they can change their surroundings (e.g. touching a bell can make it ring, grasping a pull ring can change its position).

• Dimensions: 12.4 x 10.4 x 5 cm

• Recommended Ages: 3 months and up