First Wooden Rattle

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This wooden rattle and teether is the perfect classic and gender neutral gift containing ZERO BPA, phthalates, latex, or lead.

Wood has natural attributes making it a superior teething choice - unlike silicone, wood won't attract dust. This natural materials that provide a rich sensory experience for infants.

Around 3 months, your baby will begin to grasp onto objects that fit into their palms and bring them to their mouths to explore. They are strengthening their grasp and learning to manipulate objects with their hands, improving hand-eye coordination. Your baby will also respond to sounds in the environment more and more, and will enjoy the soft clacking noise the rings make as the rattle is shaken about. 

Please note: Do not submerge or wash with high temperature water or heat as it may cause wood to dry, crack and become rough. Deep clean when necessary with a fine grit sandpaper to brush any dirt or damage off the wood.